lauantai 27. joulukuuta 2014

Ficus b.

My F. Benjamina has been under metal halide spot lights for a few months now, and the change is huge.

I needed more compact growth, and things look very promising.

I did let it grow free for a few weeks, but there was not much better ramification. I lost some taper too, but did get some trunk thickness. Now I try to get even growth by cutting top 10 times more than lower parts. Now there seems to be nice new growth everywhere.

This one has two 70W lights, directed to the 2 lowest branches.

When lowest branches are  vigorous enough, I try to shorten them, and also perhaps let the tree grow little higher.

I want much wider base, and I thought I will get it for sure, because there is a stone under the tree. Strangely enough, base seems to get higher, not much wider. Beats me why.

sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014

Carmonan lehti

Aika huima on Carmonalla lehtien kokoero loistareiden ja MH-lamppujen alla kasvatettuna.

Tuohan on kuin eri kasvi. Loistareiden alla lehdet ovat 2-4 senttisiä, MH-lamppujen  alla sentin molemmin puolin.