Pikakurssi aloittelijoille Helsinki/ Crash course for beginners in Helsinki

Tämä voidaan kustannussyistä tehdä kotimaisin voimin. Opettajiksi otetaan kaikki jotka mukaan pääsevät. Kurssi toteutetaan heti, kun on joitakin osallistujia. Puut voidaan ostaa yhdessä, sitten kokoonnutaan jonkun pidemmälle ehtineen harrastajan luona tekemään bonsaita. Osallistuja ei tarvitse työkaluja, lankoja, maa-aineksia tms. Puut istutetaan ja muotoillaan. Pieni materiaalimaksu, lisäksi jokainen maksaa omat puunsa ja pitsansa.

Jos kiinnostaa, ota yhteyttä. 050 462 6195/Jani tai sähköposti blogin etusivulla.

Pikakurssi aloittelijoille Tampere/ Crash course for beginners in Tampere

Yhteydenotot puuhaalija@gmail.com tai 050 462 6195/Jani.

Pine Forest Workshop

Hoping for Chris Thomas to be the teacher. I asked how to prepare to this, and here you are, the answer:

The forest planting of the pines can be from 2 to as many as you like, I would start with some 5 trees together to reflect the striking straight standing specimens you have all around you over there. The trees need to be informally spaced with some trunks nearly touching each other. The worst thing you can do is to have them standing in rows and equally spaced!!!

You can play about with different hights of the trees. Non should be the same, the tallest towards the front and some small trees at the back, to give perspective and depth. Also play with the soil levels to give movement to the base of the image . The other thing which struck me was the large rocks that were in the landscape, you must include these within your composition.

If we want to do this, and I know I do :-), we will have to get ready. Lets collect reasonable amount of pines, plant them in a small separate containers for one full growing season. Comment below or directly to me, if interested!






I have several trees that are waiting to be grafted to themselves. Any tree with a good trunk and too long flexible branches is a good candidate. Garden centers are full of this kind of material!

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