perjantai 11. heinäkuuta 2014

Acer platanoides, aka (Finnish) maple

Ok, I know its Norwegian maple really for you misguided. In Finnish its just maple.

Not a common bonsai subject, but I am going to make one anyway. Leaves are big, but in pot culture, not THAT big. They reduce to 1/4-1/5 right away. In comparison:

Leaves and stalks both reduce easily. They will never be small, but they are really beautiful nevertheless.

I have had a few A. platanoides, but I have tried to make too small of them. Silly, but I have tried to make 25-30 cm high bonsai. It has even worked somewhat, for lets say 4-5 years, but then they just give up and die. They get weak and some kind of mold will attack. 

Now I will try somewhat bigger tree, perhaps 40-50 cm high. I don't seem to have any interest in bigger trees than that. I think oversized pot would help to maintain tree's vigor. 

That particular tree is perhaps not very good, but will do until I find something better. To justify bigger pot I would like to have a tree with lets say 15 cm trunk diameter.

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